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1-sentence fics: part two (50/50)


ya’ll are so sweet, guys. Here’s the rest of them. 25 sentence-fics, NYC crew, Klaine, Samcedes, Finchel, Artie/ladies, Rachel/Broadway. Liberal abuse of the word “sentence”. Guest appearance by Burt Hummel.

tw: assault (for Kurt), depression (for Blaine)

part one

#26 – Forever

Rachel never says it out loud, but sometimes she thinks Kurt and Blaine are awfully young to be promising each other forever; other days, she thinks about Finn and the ring she used to wear, and wishes she could still make the same mistakes as them.

#27 – Blood

She was raised and taught that you’re supposed to bleed your first time, but Sam is so gentle and sweet and good to her, her new husband, that she wonders if they did something wrong at first.

#28 – Sickness

The worst sickness is the shame he feels about himself, the kind that starts as an afterthought but grows ever more insidious, until that’s all he can hear when he’s alone with his thoughts.

#29 – Melody

There are bruises and cuts still on his face; he sings anyway.

#30 – Star

The thing about directing is that he’s behind the camera, not on it, but he envies it sometimes, and wonders what it would be like to have that spotlight shine on him every once in a while.

#31 – Home

He always thought that home was supposed to be wherever Kurt was, but its been six months and New York still doesn’t feel right on his skin, and he’s starting to worry that it never will.

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I’ve got to hand it to Kurt. He’s looking amazing these days and he deserves all the attention he’s getting. Still, I just can’t help but feel… What is it? Oh, just cut the crap, Blaine. I’m actually feeling a little jealous. Back at McKinley, I’d be the guy getting fawned over. I lifted; I boxed; I was in the Dalton Fight Club for God’s sake. And Kurt was, well, Kurt.

Most of the time he was more comfortable hanging out with the girls. Like when the Glee Club sang “Summer Nights,” he did the Rizzo part. But the winds have changed. There’s a shift in the power dynamic. Kurt’s the hot shot now. And after what happened to him a few weeks ago, a lot of people look at him as a hero. He’s leading man material. I’ve always known he could be that but most people didn’t. I guess I’m just not used to Kurt being seen as a sexual object. And to be completely honest, I don’t know if I’m comfortable with that.

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